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​When it comes to a fabulous soiree, Paint the Town Events is your ideal event-planning powerhouse. Whether you want to attend an exclusive party in New York, need an event designer or just a helping hand in managing the planning process, let us become your storyteller, problem solver and confidante. We will create the ultimate setting for you to bring the important people in your life together. 



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New York born and raised, Lisa studied Accounting at the University of Connecticut. A world traveller and hopeful volleyballer, her disarmingly happy demeanor has her meeting new people left and right. She is a member of several networking groups and attends many soirees. Her constant need for a challenge and intellectual stimulation is why she has become the financial wizard of PtTe - Lisa can make any budget work.

Lisa has organized the full gamut of functions from bridal showers to international getaways. Her outgoing personality ensures a personal and proactive approach to her events. In fact, Lisa is so gregarious that she is a celebrity in her own right, having been featured on the Bethenny Show.

Typical Bar Order   Margarita

Flower of Choice   Tiger Lillies

Favorite Color   Purple

Things I Love   Tennis, volleyball, the beach, meeting new people, reading & travelling

-Coco Chanel



Artful.   Trenditional.   Unique.

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To ensure each of our client's vision is met and flawlessly executed, the PtTe team is focused on building a relationship with you. Let's break the ice! Meet the trio that make Paint the Town Events.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

-Willy Wonka via Arthur O''Shaughnessy​

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams


Ruth is your archetypal Artist-Scientist, which has made her the creative goddess of PtTe. Graduating in Science, she works as a cancer researcher for a non-profit organization and dabbles as an amateur artist to satisfy her creative side. Her boundless curiosity and intuitive improvisation has found her orchestrating extravagant events essentially as a one-woman-show, chanting the mantra "anything is possible" - she finds solutions in unexpected ways.

From event design to catering and hosting, the array of experience Ruth has under her belt includes engagement photo shoots, holiday luncheons, baby showers, fundraisers, corporate open-days and exhibitions for all the important people in her life.

Typical Bar Order   Moscow Mule

Flower of Choice   Peonies or Tulips

Favorite Color   Red

Things I Love   Fashion, the beach, art, good food, great wine, painting & travelling

Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable

Our Team



​​Melissa's passion for creative ideas and meticulous attention to detail has made her the organizational backbone of PtTe. Industrious, methodical and efficient, Melissa is tailor-made for event planning. She graduated with an English degree and ended up working in the corporate world planning large-scale trade shows, fundraising galas, nationwide sales meetings, team-building weekends, holiday parties and other corporate events.

On the side, Melissa runs multiple social networking groups and has planned parties from 8 to 1000 attendees. Not surprisingly, she loves to be in charge of events involving her personal life, such as a friend's birthday or a family dinner. To quote her Friends alter-ego Monica, "I'm always the hostess."

Typical Bar Order   Dark & Stormy

Flower of Choice   Tulips or Sunflowers

Favorite Color   Blue

Things I Love   New York City, wine, animals, movies, the beach, cheese, writing & travelling


Boutique  Event Planning  in New York

Whether you are interested in obtaining our services or an affiliate wanting to connect, get in touch with us by completing the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are social!

Our array of client services encompass designing, procuring and coordinating a plethora of events ranging from a romantic proposal, to a birthday bash, a product launch or a fundraiser. We understand that each client is unique, so we offer customized services based upon your needs and at any budget. 

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Join fellow urbanites and fill your social calendar with our unique experiences, ranging from nightlife, culture and casual happenings. We offer something thrilling and pleasing for everyone to connect with friends old and new. Make sure you're kept in the loop about out upcoming events - subscribe to our mailing list. 

Established in 2013, Paint the Town Events, LLC is a New York-based boutique event planning company, founded by a core team of three fun-loving friends, who share a passion for creation. Designing and orchestrating events for friends, families, respective employers and ourselves came naturally, because we simply love a good bash. Pooling our talent and enthusiasm to plan events for others was the next logical step. So, as we found ourselves congregating to celebrate our fabulous friendships over cocktails at a typical New York City brunch, Paint the Town Events was conceived.

​Our mission is to design a unique life experience, whether a large affair or a small gathering, that is tailored to each client's personal style.  We are true believers that your party should be a reflection of you; therefore we are committed to creating the event that will tell your story and excite your guests. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! #LifeCelebrated



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